Best Ways to Bring Your CPAP Machine While Travelling

CPAP machines are by far the best and most convenient way to treat sleep apnea. After all, CPAP machines are also called sleep apnea machines. But while CPAP therapy is an effective way of reducing the inconvenience that sleep apnea causes, many people are left helpless when they have to travel.

So, here’s a comprehensive collection of tips and tricks for travelling with your sleep apnea machines. In this article, we’re answering all your questions about travelling with a CPAP machine, along with crucial tips and tricks to buy cpap machine online for your travels.

That way, you can rest assured that you’ll get a good night’s sleep, no matter where you go. You don’t have to worry about sleep apnea if you have a CPAP machine, so let’s get into the details of how to make sure you can bring your CPAP machine wherever you go.

Should I Bring My CPAP Machine When I Travel?

We all know the feeling of finding the right CPAP machine for your needs. It seems like a new CPAP machine hits the market every week. And with so many CPAP devices, finding the right one for your needs can be challenging.

This is why we highly recommend bringing your sleep apnea machine with you when you travel. You won’t be able to borrow or find a continuous positive airway pressure machine readily available when your plane lands, so it’s best to bring the one you have at home with you. That way, you can still give yourself CPAP therapy and get better sleep whether you’re on the road or in the air.

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Breathing can be really hard for patients that need CPAP masks. And if you want to avoid the symptoms of sleep apnea when you’re tens of thousands of feet in the air, you want to make sure you bring your automatic CPAP machine with you!

Can You Bring CPAP Machines on a Plane?

If you use CPAP Australia, you can bring your CPAP equipment with you on the plane. That said, most airlines will want to know if you’re bringing medical equipment on a plane and how you’re going to use it. So, to ensure that you can bring your CPAP equipment on your flight, it’s best to contact the airline and ask about their policy.

You don’t want to give yourself unnecessary problems at the airport because of your CPAP device. Some airlines allow you to bring a CPAP machine on the plane to help you with obstructive sleep apnea as part of your carry-on, free of charge.

However, other airlines require you to declare your CPAP machine for obstructive sleep apnea before you board the flight. Sometimes, you even have to fill out a form so that the airline knows exactly what you’re bringing on the plane.

That said, if you have sleep apnea and plan on sleeping on the plane, you want to make sure you have the right equipment for your airways. And if you want a more convenient time, you might want to consider bringing a portable CPAP machine with you on the plane, so you don’t need an external power source.

Tips for Travelling With Your CPAP Machine

CPAP machines help you ensure that you get good sleep on the plane. So, here are some tips so you can bring your CPAP machines when you travel with no hassle!

Decide if You’ll Use It on the Plane

Firstly, we recommend deciding if you’re going to use the CPAP machines on the plane. For example, if you have a long flight or a night flight, there’s a chance you’re going to want to sleep when you’re in the air. However, if you have a quick flight during the day, you might not be sleeping that long anyway.

If you need to sleep on the plane, we recommend finding ways to bring your CPAP machine with you to your seat. But if you plan on staying awake the entire flight, it might be easier to include the machine in your check-in luggage.

Check for a Power Outlet First

If your CPAP machines require power outlets, you might want to check with your airline if their seats offer power outlets. Nothing can be worse than having your CPAP machines with you on a flight only to learn that there’s no place to plug them in. So, research whether or not your airline offers power outlets on your seat before packing your CPAP machines.

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Bring a Battery Pack for Safety

If the airline doesn’t offer outlets, you can bring portable battery packs to power the CPAP machine on your flight. That way, you don’t need to worry about your seat’s amenities before bringing your CPAP machines on your flight.

Travel With Lightweight CPAP Machines

You want to make sure that you’re travelling light to ensure you don’t have to pay extra to bring your CPAP machine on the plane. That’s why we recommend getting portable or compact CPAP machines that are much easier to pack and bring around.

When you have a compact CPAP device, you’ll find it much easier to pack and travel with, so you’ll be breathing clearly no matter where you travel!

Check With Your Airline for Restrictions on CPAP Machines

While most airlines in Australia allow CPAP machines and masks on the plane, you should check with the airline beforehand.

You never know when an airline has additional requirements or charges for bringing a CPAP device on the plane, so it’s better to be safe than have to pay unexpected fees or leave your device at the airport.


You don’t want your travels to get in the of your sleep. That’s why we recommend bringing your CPAP machines with you when you travel. That way, you have a great solution to sleep apnea regardless of where you are.

That said, bringing a CPAP therapy device with you on the plane can be quite tricky. So, make sure to go through our tips and tricks for the easiest time when travelling with a CPAP machine!

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