You Are Not Alone Series (Parenting Topic w/Kari) – April J. Ford’s Best-Seller


#1 Best-Selling Author April J. Ford released “You Are Not Alone – How To Rise Above Life’s Challenges With Grace, Gratitude Love & Joy” and dedicated proceeds to the non-profit Joy’s GIFT. She’ll be hosting a series of shows highlighting some of the experts and topics mentioned in this publication. You’ll have access to experts from various fields that have helped her transition from tragedy to triumph from; health & wellness, parenting, success in business, love & relationships, spirituality, and more!

All the time she’s invested in research, seeking & learning from top mentors, coaches, healers and teachers, not to mention the financial investments, she’s bringing here to share with you…priceless knowledge so make sure to take great notes.

Kari Ann Casillas is a single mother of 5 with 2 grandchildren. She started her family at a very young age; she was only 15 years old when she had her first child, and 2nd child at 16. By the time she was 20, she had her 3rd child. At 21 years old, she broke up with her boyfriend at the time and was alone and addicted to meth.

Soon after the break up she found herself in a relationship with someone else and in the next 5 years she had 2 more children.

She spent a lifetime of running from God and trying to self medicate. It was until she had her last daughter and CPS walked in the hospital room and told her she couldn’t take her baby home and that’s when she began to wake up. That was 16 years ago. Today, Kari leads a Single and Parenting class where she provides hope to other single parents and help them find healing through the love of Christ.

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