Video Blog “Parenting” From #1 Best-Seller You Are Not Alone – How To Rise Above Life’s Challenges


Video Blog “Parenting” From #1 Best-Seller ‘You Are Not Alone – How To Rise Above Life’s Challenges’

Parenting is a lifelong career itself. However, there is no manual, there’s no job description, there is no pay structure, and there’s no clocking in or out. It’s lifelong, on-the-job training. As I mentioned in the beginning chapters, the title “mom” by itself has many sub-roles.

There may be resources, support groups, and books out there on parenting, but we all know there’s no one glove that fits all—not even this section you’re now reading.

A Pew Research survey found that about half (53 percent) of all working parents with children under age eighteen say it is difficult for them to balance the responsibilities of their job with the responsibilities of their family. Pew Research also indicates that roughly 60 percent of two-parent households with children have both parents working.

With both parents working, we should be aware of what is being compromised and/or impacted on the child’s end: time spent with their parents, their schoolwork, their behavior, and their health. Imagine a household where both parents work and the kids have school and sports activities. Do you think it’s uncommon for dinner to be served through the drive-thru or pizza delivery? Are we being the role models we want for our young generation?

Now, I’m not ridiculing the parents who both have to work because frankly that was my household when I was married. I just encourage you to bring awareness to your circumstance and make the necessary adjustments to address what’s important for you.

My late husband and I had to make adjustments for our family. For example, we chose to sell our home to be closer to work so that we didn’t spend so much time commuting to work with two babies. We downsized to a smaller home to have a more comfortable lifestyle, and we also worked together when it came to household duties and caring for the children. For example, instead of buying take-out for dinner after work, I went home to cook a healthy meal while he picked up the kids from daycare, and then he kept the kids occupied while I was in the kitchen.

Simple adjustments like these are key elements to a harmonious and healthy home. Parenting doesn’t just mean rearing children; it means working with the person with whom you had the child as a team (no matter if you are still together or not).

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