Single moms: Stop talking about how brave & cool you are

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(LANGUAGE WARNING:) Gavin McInnes of TheRebel.media talks about what’s wrong with pro-single-mom propaganda. Being raised by a single mom is generally terrible for children; these women desperately want to be considered “cool” but they’re miserable, selfish and lying to themselves. MORE: http://www.therebel.media/being_a_selfish_single_mom_isn_t_cool



Seriously, Where Do You Meet Other Single Parents? @Goodmenproject @AllanaPratt

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Seriously, Where Do You Meet Other Single Parents? @Goodmenproject @AllanaPratt

Where is the best place to go to meet other single parents? Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt finds that…

Awaken you badass nobilityQuestion: Where is the best place to go to meet other single parents? I am a single dad trying to date and I really don’t want to be that creepy guy that picks women up on the playground – “Hey baby, nice jungle gym, want to grab a drink.” Don’t see that working out for me.

Answer: I suppose you could get specific with your online dating with a site like www.singleparentmeet.com, have you tried that? Yet honestly, single parents are on virtually every dating site. And they’re at every children’s event. They’re probably in line at the grocery story, at a music event, at the beach, on the airplane..

It’s true that people without kids don’t have the life experience to instantly understand your challenges or priorities yet it’s not to say you won’t find a great partner who doesn’t have kids, right? Or are you specifically interested in blending families, which is totally cool!

I sense there’s some heaviness around being a single Dad… like you’ve been passed over or rejected by women who want their own kids? Or you’re carrying around baggage from the divorce that’s making the whole dating scene a drag? I love your humor about the jungle gym… yet its true if you said that to me I might laugh… but probably not give you my number 😉

However what if you were just yourself? What if you just asked, What would it take for me to meet my most compatible soul mate lover who adored that I’m a single Dad? Or What would it take for me to allow dating to be fun, easy and enlivening on the path to meeting a great life partner for me? Or specifically, Where’s the best place for me to meet the most compatible partner for me and the kids? How could I be ME at the playground, the kids sports games, a school play etc and attract the most aligned women to date?

What if just because you’re a single dad at a playground, you’re not creepy, but cool? friendly? a fabulous contribution to a wonderful woman’s/single mom’s life? My ex husband met his current girlfriend at our son’s camp. I met my last boyfriend who was also a single parent on Match.com. Anything’s possible.

If you are in need of support to let go of some limiting beliefs, some luggage, some concerns that are making dating a drag vs a delicious journey, the cost of not cleaning this up or healing a wounded heart is that your point of view of dating DOES create your reality. You believe you’re a creep, you come across as a creep. You believe it’s hard, it will be hard. You are a vibrational being, your thoughts are energy and you’ll attract exactly the resonance you’re at… so the higher you vibe with confidence, openness, authenticity and positive expectations while being unattached and enjoying the process… the better your chance at celebrating the process of dating AND finding a great woman to share this next phase of your life with… yes?

If I can be of support in creating that shift, it would be my pleasure to invite you to the hundreds of men world wide over the past 17 year who I’ve helped find hot healthy intimate partnership. Simply apply for a complementary strategy session at www.AllanaPratt.com/connect and tonight once you’ve put the kids to sleep, feel seen heard adored and supported by reading my complementary report for men found at www.GetHerToSayYes.com.

Once you’ve fully processed the lessons meant to learn in your marriage, you’ll be amazed how fulfilled you are alone AND how easily you find a quality beautiful heartfelt woman to nourish you and your family… and she’ll be grateful to have found a man who’s done his work, who’s grown from his divorce and ready for a deep intimate profound joyous relationship that lasts.

Huge love, Allana oxox



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It’s been a crazy year to say the least, and in order for me to come on here and not be hot bubbling mess of tears I’ve only shared with you in the best way that I know how the best parts of my life.. my kids and just persevering through it all. Not to say that I don’t want to share but sometimes you truly have to move forward and walk over bad situations like a bridge. I’m answering a couple of questions because I feel okay doing so and being able to answer them without being so emotional that none of it makes since. I know everyone wants to know if my spouse and I talk but to think that we don’t is a bit silly. We have children together. Thanks for being apart of my life and caring.


7 Heartwarming Messages From Kids Of Single Parents

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“My biggest goal is to give her the life she deserves…”

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Family Law Report – Shared Parenting

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