Autism Resources: Children Safety Gates!

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I wanted to do a sample video showing all health care providers, personal care workers, CNA’s or daycares that have larger children with special needs.
Jeff shows us a little technology to a self-help: How to adapt a fence gate to save our Autistic son from wandering away from home. Often times, kids with special needs have a tendency to wander or run away from home. We can easily keep our child with Autism safe simply by using this trick.
With any child, there are certain measures you must take to ensure their safety in your home. When you have a child with autism, there are special considerations to make. Here, we have outlined ways you can better secure your home so you can rest assured that your child is safe.

Install High Fences

To ensure that your child can play outside in your yard, it is important to install a high fence that they are unable to scale. If you have a pool or other water features in your backyard, ensure that it has its own fence. Autistic children are often fascinated by water, so it is especially important to take extra precautions around any sized body of water.

Use Child Safety Locks

You may consider using child safety locks to protect your autistic child. Install them on the cabinets, and use them to keep doors locked inside your home for rooms such as the bathroom, attic or garage. Also do not forget to install a toilet lock. Other safety precautions you may consider around your house include electrical outlet covers and no-pinch drawer closures.

Use Safety Gates

It is typical for autistic children to have a tendency to get out of bed and wander in the middle of the night. While you have hopefully locked all the doors leading outside of your home, you may try avoiding this situation altogether by putting a safety gate on their bedroom door at night. If you have older or taller children, putting two safety gates on top of one another could help. This ensures that you can get a good night’s sleep, knowing that your child cannot wander out of the house without your knowledge.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Make sure that the furniture in your home doesn’t give your child ways to escape out of the house. Make sure that there are no chairs under windows they could climb out of, or side tables that they could climb on and unlock the front door. If your child typically attempts escape via a certain path, you could arrange the furniture to block their way as well.

Secure the Windows

If your child likes climbing out of windows, install locks on them. Additionally, consider replacing your glass windows with Plexiglas if they have a tendency to bang on the windows.

Consider Extra Locks and Alarms

If your child is an escape artist, and extra bolt lock that is out of their reach may be helpful. Additionally, you may consider installing an alarm that lets you know when the door has been opened. That way, if your child does attempt to escape in the middle of the night, you will know.

Use a Monitor

Even when your house is fully secured, you may still have stress about the safety of your autistic child in your home. It may relieve your stress to put a baby monitor in your child’s room. Video baby monitors allow you to peek in on your child without even getting out of bed, so if you need that extra peace of mind, a monitor may help.

There are a lot of considerations you must make when you have a child with autism, but you are not alone. We at Normal Life understand what it is like, which is why we offer the autism home support services you need to lead a normal life.
The self closing gate is a piece of adaptive equipment that can easily be utilized and can be invaluable in helping to keep your children safe and protected.

In this scenario, our child with special needs, Curtis, runs out of our yard while the gate is open and Jeff has to run down and bring him back to keep him safe.

Jeff then shows us how to install something called a “butterfly latch” to our gate, then attach a spring mechanism to the hinge of the gate so that it automatically shuts and latches itself! Something you must do if you live in yard with a fence. It’s easy to do it yourself (DIY)

We hope this helps you if your children or family members with special needs have been running away from home and you would like to keep them safe!

Visit our website

Adapt Your Home & Family to Live as Independently as Possible

Link to Home Depot to buy a butterfly latch
Link to buy “The Claw”
Another helpful video for your children

twitter: @AIWIanormallifeinc
Tag your children with www.ifineedhelp.org so if they are lost others in the community can help out only 15.00 to help keep our children safe.


Prayer For Your Children – The Prayer For Our Children

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Prayer For Your Children – The Prayer For Our Children

Welcome To The Prayer For Your Children.

Heavenly Father, we gather together here online and come into agreement in the wonderful and powerful name of Jesus.

Where two or more are gathered there You shall surely be and anything we agree upon as touching You will surely do.

I lift up those watching this video and we come into agreement and lift up their children.

We stand on Your Word and declare it over their children.

We believe that You will watch over Your Word to perform it in their lives.

We agree and ask that You help the listener’s children to recognize each and every opportunity they have to spend time with You and get to know You.

We pray that their love for You would grow and increase in Jesus Name.

We declare that they shall be strong disciples of Jesus who are willing and obedient to live the life You have planned for them.

Great is the peace of the listener’s children because of You, Lord.

You are with the listener’s children all the time, no matter what they are facing and wherever they go.

We speak protection and safety over them now in Jesus Name.

Thank You that angels surround them.

You have given Your angels charge over the listener’s children to accompany and defend and preserve them in all their ways.

You Lord are their refuge and fortress.

You are their glory and the lifter of their heads.

You will complete that which You have started within the lives of the listener’s children.

Together we place the children in Your hands.

We cast the care of them on You once and for all.

They are in Your hands.

You will keep them safe and watch over them because we committed them to You.

We declare that the children obey their parents because You have made it clear that it is a blessing to them that leads to things working out in their long life.

They will love, honour, and respect the listener in Jesus Name.

They will choose life and love You all their days.

They will follow the Holy Spirit as He leads them.

You are their Rock and their Life.

They are the head and not the tail.

They are above only and not beneath.

They are blessed when they come in or go out, and wherever they go Your favor surrounds them.

We declare an increase of wisdom and favor with God and man.

The listener will not provoke, irritate, or fret their children.

As of this moment they will no longer pressure them but allow You to work within their lives.

They lean on You and acknowledge You in all areas of their children’s life.

They will not be hard on them or harass them or cause them to become discouraged, to feel insecure, inferior, angry or frustrated.

They will love them as You instruct in 1 Corinthians 13:4.

They will not break or wound their spirits but they will rear them tenderly in the training, discipline, counsel, and admonition of the Lord.

Lord help the listener to train their children in the way they should go so that when they are old they will not depart from it.

We praise You now and sing to the Great I Am.

Worthy are You Father.

The enemy is turned back from the listener’s children in the Name of Jesus.

The traps he will try to set will come to nothing in Jesus Name.

You are more than enough.

In Jesus Name.


Jer 1:12
Isa 54:13
Isa 49:25
1 Pet 5:7
2 Tim 1:12
Eph 6:1-3
Deut 30:19-20
Deut 28:13
Deut 28:3-6
Psalm 91:11
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Psalm 3:3
Col 3:21
Eph 6:4
Prov 22:6
Psalm 8:1-2
Psalm 9:2-3
Luke 2:52

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Parent’s Meetup: Loving Parenting To Protect Your Child From Teen Dating

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This is discussions with Panel parents who have raised boys and girls through college. It will be great to hear from them about things they were mindful of in their children’s impressionable years through high school and college.
It is a discussion forum where all parents work together to come up with a theme of loving parenting to protect their children from teen dating.It takes a village to raise a child. If we all come together to define a theme for our parenting it will be wonderful for our children. It will also be a great forum to exchange ideas with each other on what works.

This is open to parents of young children as well so that they can create a loving environment in their home from the beginning and also exchange ideas with those already parenting teens.


Protect children: music by Years & Years

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Some life cycles are cut short by war, violence and brutality.

We’re calling on the UK Government to do more to protect children in war. Please sign our petition calling on them to stand up for some of the most vulnerable children in the world.


A child in a war zone needs protection and education. They need counselling to overcome the trauma of what they have experienced. You can help them to have this by donating to War Child.

This stunning new video by Able Media, perfectly encapsulates the message that not all children have the same lives. Some children experience bombing instead of school, sexual violence instead of love, fear instead of happiness.

Set to the beautiful sounds of Years & Years, the pioneering animation style draws you in and immerses you in the life of a child in war.

War Child works to protect and educate children in conflict.

We provide safe spaces where children can be children again, counselling to help them overcome the trauma of their experiences, informal education to enable them to reach their full potential and more.

We’re calling on the UK Government to do more to protect children in war. Please sign our petition calling on them to stand up for some of the most vulnerable children in the world.


Able are a multi disciplined, creative production studio delivering immersive and emotive content right across the digital and physical landscape.

With a focus on the music world Able have pushed the possiblities of motion led work creating record breaking campaigns for the likes of Taylor Swift, David Bowie, Coldplay, Kendrick Lamar and Years & Years who very kindly provided the striking ‘Memo’ from their debut album for use in this animation.


How do we protect our children from the unspeakable? | Luke Broomhall | TEDxAdelaide

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Child sexual abuse can cause catastrophic damage. While resources deservedly go into policing and education, little is focused on the men indicating a sexual preference for under-age children.

Luke’s idea explores the latest approaches to treatment of perpetrators and the need for a mature debate about a topic many of us would rather not discuss.

Luke has a background in forensic psychology and organisational consulting. He provides expert medico-legal reports and testimony in criminal matters and has given evidence in the Supreme, District, Federal Magistrates and Youth Courts of South Australia.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx


State Bill To Protect Children From Eye Damage From Computer Screens in Schools

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Senate Bill 1150 would have required the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to work with the schools to make sure that our children are protected from the health risks associated with daily computer use: myopia, blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes, neck/shoulder pain, and the cumulative retinal damage caused by excessive screen time.

Every member in the room voted against the Bill.
Read a recent OP ED about this Bill at

Op-Ed: Maryland lawmakers are ignoring computer-safety measures for kids

Learn more about screens in classrooms and children’s health at http://safetechforschoolsmaryland.blogspot