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Parenting Plans – Chris Griffith’s Experience Helping Couples | Split Simple – Denver, CO

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Denver divorce attorney Chris Griffith discusses his experience helping couples with parenting plans. To learn more about parenting plans, visit our website at http://www.splitsimple.com/denver/parenting-plan.

If you live anywhere in the Colorado area and want to find out if the attorney-mediators at Split Simple are right for you, learn more about our proven uncontested divorce process at http://www.splitsimple.com/why-choose-us or call us for a free consultation (855) 665-9920.

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Family Law Report – Shared Parenting

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Watch as director Joseph Sorge discusses recent research about the benefits of shared parenting to both children and parents. The research shows that children are healthier and happier when they live in a shared parenting relationship compared to a single parent custody situation. We welcome your comments.

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