Protect Children – Rev Bibiladeniye Mahanama Thero


We have lost our parents. Who consoles our weeping sorrowful hearts? We are just looking at the gloomy sky till we find the silver lines of happiness. We don’t beg for excellent meals but something simple just to ease our hunger. The sky is the only shade we have to protect ourselves from sun, rain and wind. We just wait with our tearful eyes till we get the comforts that your children enjoy. If you all can see the tears hidden in our laughter….
The beauty of childhood is too far to these kids. They know nothing except loneliness. Don’t we deserve love and kindness in this world of suffering and sorrow? The future of the world depends on them. But who cares their destiny? It high time you think about us who live life this land where there’s no even water. We keep hoping till we get love and compassion.

|Protect Children – Music By Rev Bibiladeniye Mahanama thero|

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