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Hi. I’m Christine Rich Hanson. After Working With Thousands Of Children I Created A One Stop Website To Give Parenting Tips On Ways To Help Kids. It’s Called Parent Pep Talk.

I Don’t Know Of One Successful Parent That Hasn’t Sought Out Advice Or Coaching In The Area Of Parenting. If You Struggle With How Best To Parent And How To Help Your Child I Want To Help You. I Have Studied This Topic For Decades And I Can Save You The Time And Mistakes And Give You What Will Work In Your Everyday Life.

For Example…Have You Ever Noticed How So Many Parents Stand Next To Their Child And Talk To Another Adult And Say, “Oh, Ashley Is Shy.” Little Ashley Doesn’t Know What Shy Is But After Her Parent Tells 40 People That She Is Shy, She Starts To Believe It. She Also Figures Out What Shy Is And Accommodates The Parent. Now Most Parents Don’t Want Their Child To Be Labeled As ‘Shy’ But They Are Not Aware That They Are Doing The Labeling!

And Ashley May Not Have Been Shy In The First Place. Why Should She Be Required To Bounce Up To A Stranger And Introduce Herself? Maybe Ashley Is Smart! The Label Ends Up Suffocating Ashley True Self. And The Truth Is That Maybe Her Parent Didn’t Want The Other Adult Thinking That They Weren’t Lacking On Parenting Skills By Not Raising A Bouncing Extrovert Child Into The World.

I’m Known As The Child Whisperer And Parent Liberator. At Least That’s What People Say. My Coaching Blog Will Help You As Well As My Coaching Calls. All Parents Need Coaching.

No One Is Perfect. The Goal Is To Have Small Successes That Add Up Big.

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If You Have Any Story You Would Like To Share About Being Labeled Shy As A Child Or Anything Else Please Share Below With A Comment. I’d Love To Hear Your Story.

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