Move Past the Cover Of Books or Special Looks


The stares. The faces. The awkward looks. Often I ponder what runs within the minds of such onlookers? Here is the reaction we experience now and then from strangers and see our sweet little Down syndrome daughter. Sure, there are plenty of those who react amazingly to Faith, however there are often those ridiculously odd looks.

We live within the digital world where visual perception is everything. Whether that we are waiting in line for the super market along with a magazine cover catches our eye or that we are skimming through our new iPhone 5s to get the latest news feed, we live and work within the digital world choked with Photoshop imagery.

Digital World’s Affect On Special Preferences
Does visual perception play into special needs? ABSOLUTELY. Special parents sit front row to discover sales persons initially perceive their child. It can be the child’s different looks, different posture, or different voice, but make no mistake, people see the biggest difference. It has been what people do through that difference determines which way they treat “different” people. Just like a Dad, it brings a smile to my heart when people are quick to imply “Hi” to Faith. I love when people ignore those difference with a lot of love her. I like it when my wife and I talk to receptive people about our special little girl. Nevertheless it breaks my heart when people see Faith as different and cope with her differently. In all honesty, I am certainly not anxious about Faith being discriminated, I totally feel sorry that individuals cannot see far beyond “cover considering the book.” They’ll be missing the greatest joy of meeting Faith.

Just like a father, I instinctively wish to protect my little girl from all the “meanies” that appear at her weird. I want to lash out at them and find them, “Lets say I looked over you weird such as that?” and possibly ram all of them with our grocery cart, but my role is way bigger and better than that. As parents, our roles are bigger than that. We cannot change the way everybody perceives Faith, but we may help her process those awkward encounters. Simply, “We don’t judge people by their covers or looks.” We are teaching our little girl that regardless of how people treat her, we still love everybody unconditionally. However i still wish people won’t judge others right cover. People might miss the GREATEST GIFT behind different facial features.

Getting Past the Cover
When you are the man or woman encountering a particular needs child, go ahead and LOVE To them. No matter if you don’t know them, parents love when their child is not judged by their looks. Go meet them, go speak with them, joke around with them, introduce yourself, or simply make a flattering complement towards the child and/and the parents. You will be making that parent’s day.Assuming you are a parent to your special needs child, opposed to your instinctive reaction, you unfortunately cannot protect your child from every discriminating look or thing said concerning your child. We must and to avoid becoming sucked directly into deception of one’s world’s opinions. However as special parents, we are gifted the chance to explain our young ones one of life’s greatest lessons; the cover of our own book fails to define us, it is the content that matters. We don’t really need to try and find societies approval because God loves us unconditionally really as we happen to be. He beautifully made each of them of your personalities, minds, and hearts. Our infants are SPECIAL and attractive and once someone accepts your kid with love, treasure that BECAUSE that really is REAL and God’s GIFT of His confirming love.

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