How To Deal With Big Feelings; Understanding The Brain Research


A quick intro into what happens in our brains when we experience a BIG feeling, and what happens in a child’s brain too…how do we experience our fight, flight or freeze response and how can we use the latest brain research in mindfulness to calm ourselves down and calm our kids down…and why it’s important for everyone to calm down before talking it out!!
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I first learnt about this concept in the Bringing Up Great Kids Program – it is fantastic and there are some great resources for parents such as the Mindful Parenting Book. Dan Siegel was the first to use the hand model of the brain as far as I know – check it out here: and you’ll find it within Positive Discipline workshops too 🙂
My name is Sara Phillips, I’m a Mum and a parent coach and I am practicing mindful parenting daily!

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