From My Experience: Asian Parenting Tip #2-Episode 2


Hello, this is episode 2 of my new original video series, I hope you guys are enjoying this. It’s going to be a long week. I have two exams this week. And I hope I don’t sleep-in and miss class again. Class was pretty awesome today. It was a long and rainy day. I had a busy schedule all day from 8am-10pm.

I had a good breakfast meal with my lovely cousin, Xia. And then went back home to print out my class work that was due in class. Then came back home after class, took a shower then I took a nap. Had a meet up at school for a group project at 6pm. Dinner at Applebee with Xia. We did the 2 for $20. I had a Shrimp fettuccine and my cousin ordered Steak.

After dinner, I and my cousin headed to an Open Mic so I could support a friend. Stayed there for an hour and half then came home. I was driving my mom’s car. I borrowed it for a few hours. But didn’t want to stay out too late.

So, that was a busy day. Have a good night everyone.

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