Cyberbullying, Sexting, Internet Addiction: How to Protect your Children against Cyberbullying


Cyberbullying, Sexting, Internet Addiction: How to Protect your Children against Cyberbullying and other Cyberthreats.

0:00 Probably your children have a smartphone, and if you think you need to understand this in order to protect your children then you are almost wrong.
In fact, this is just a mean, a tool your kids use in order to get what’s happening in the clouds.

The Web is about relationship…but what happens when these relationships go bad?

0:27 *Sexting*
Sex + Texting.
You snap a nude photo of yourself and send it to your partner.
Nothing wrong with it, but what would happen if I persuaded you to snap a nude photo of yourself, and then I posted it to my Social channels, possibly adding some funny text?

0:50 *Cyberbullying*
My goal as Cyberbully is Psychological humiliation, and I’m going to use the viral power of the Web to accomplish my mission.

1:17 *Internet Addiction*
Here your teens spend too much time on the Web, or on porn websites…but how much is _too much_ ?

2:17 *The Digital Jungle and the Digital Wolves*
If the World is a jungle, then the online World is a digital jungle.
Here wolves change their Identity in order to persuade you they are the partner of your dreams, teens/children like you, or good men that love children and donate them candy gifts.

3:01 *Bad habits that lead to unhealthy behaviors*
Cyberbullying, Porn and Internet Addiction, Stalking and Pedophilia, all leave marks in your children: they are called _unhealthy behaviors_ .

3:34 *How a Parental Control Software may help you*
To create a true relationship with your children.
To create trust with your children.

3:54 *The features of a good Parental Control Software*
Thanks to

5:15 *The right Parenting style*
From controlling to monitoring and mentoring.

6:45 *The daily check, and how to do it*
How to create a Ritual with your children.
How to analyze their online activity together.

7:46 *The main weapon we have and our children don’t*

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