Can We Teach Our Children The Importance Of Energy Conservation?


Do you remember the kids alphabet book? Still today, it is, “E” for Elephant or “E” for Egg. The event in technology with this era is phenomenal. But, we never print “E” for Energy in children book. If we do just that, our infants will ask, what is energy? After which we are able to explain to our infants however important conserving energy is.

Till now our major way to obtain energy is fossil fuels if and now we don t change to non-conventional source, we will find it frustrating that you can’t save our dear Earth from pollution.

Energy conservation should be a habit. We happen to be teaching our infants, brush your teeth in the morning, clean your hands by soap before you eat, walk with shoes on etc. in an informal way, and good hygienic habits are easily formed. Inside a similar way, we’ve got to teach them the importance with little energy conservation. How to make this happen?

We are going to examine some easy ways to show this the subject of our young ones.
1. Teach them methods with hardly any energy conservation. To conserve energy, we have to use energy efficiently, reduce consumption and utilize non-conventional / renewable method to obtain energy.
2. Children across the country learns to sketch by drawing a House. Allow time for them to draw a House with Solar Cells on the roof top, not the common straw roof. They could learn the focus on using solar powered. Let us print “S” for Solar powered with their book.
3. Allow them to figure out how to live more and a lot more in natural daylight. Let us modify our Home to own natural daylight and restrict use of electricity during daytime.
4. It is recommended to teach them that the ten watt LED Lamp is equivalent to 15 watts of Compact Fluorescent Lamp and 60 Watts of conventional incandescent lamp. We will present them LED Table Lamps, Torches etc. and explain that LED Lamps fails to contain Toxic mercury and emits far less harmful carbon dioxide. Let us print ‘L’ for LED in kids book.
5. We should produce them understand that coal, petroleum, cooking gas are all fuel as well as their source is our dear Earth so we will be unable to further increase the source.

We should re-write children book to include advancement of technology in energy conservation techniques. What for Science has developed much, if we cannot transfer this information to our own children.

It’s about time to think and update our ways for you to teach children. I’m gonna start by talking about today.

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