Audiobook: No Child Left Alone: Getting the Government Out of Parenting


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Uncle Sam is the worst helicopter parent in America.children are taken from their parents because they are obese. Parents are arrested for letting their children play outside alone. Sledding and swaddling are banned. From games to school to breast-feeding to daycare, the overbearing bureaucratic state keeps getting between kids and their parents.the states safety, hygiene, and health regulations rule, and the governments judgment may not coincide with yours. Which foods and drinks to send to school, what toys to buy, whether to breastor bottle-feed babies are all choices that used to be left to you and me. Not a mom to four kids, I should be used to it, but Im not. All the government-mandated parenting gets under my skin. And Im not Child Left Alone explores the growing problem of an intrusive, interfering government and highlights those parentsall the Captain Mommies and Captain Daddies across Americafighting to take back control over their families.

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