Audiobook: 8 Great Smarts: Discover and Nurture Your Child’s Intelligences

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Your child is smart, but does he or she believe it?”smart” is a power word. Children who believe theyre smart excel more in school and approach life with greater confidence. But children who dont can struggle to apply themselves. Do you wish your child could see how smart he or she is?find hope in 8 Great Smarts. Youll be empowered and equipped with new language and creative ideas for how to:accept and affirm your childs unique smartsmotivate your child to learn and study with all 8 smartsreawaken any “paralyzed” smartsredirect misbehavior in new, constructive waysguide your child spiritually, relationally, and to a good career fitdr. Kathy Koch loves seeing children flourish and helping parents make it happenand its never too late to start. Now is the time to help your child be all that God designed him or her to be.for children of all ages, this application of the theory of multiple intelligences is a revised edition of How Am I Smart?

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